25/05/2017 10:48 AM IST | Updated 25/05/2017 10:53 AM IST

UP Police Inspector Demonstrates The Proper Way To Cane A Man, Gets Suspended


ABP News/ YouTube

In a mobile video that's doing the rounds, a policeman can be seen beating a defenceless man with a cane. Shot inside a police station, Inspector Lokendra Pratap Singh can be seen giving instructions to his junior on the proper way to cane a man.

According to a NDTV report, the video was shot on Monday in Badaun in western Uttar Pradesh. The man getting beaten up has been identified as a young Samajwadi Party leader, Swaley Chaudhary. The NDTV report mentioned that Chaudhary was caught in a fight between two groups over a bus ride.

The brawl started when the groups started fighting over who would board the bus first. Chaudhary was arrested along with 12 others.

In the video, Inspector Singh directs a constable on how to bend and hold a person down, who then holds Chaudhary down. Singh then proceeds to beat him, while he can be seen screaming in pain.

later, Badaun's police chief, Chandra Prakash, mentioned that no one has the right to violate human rights.

Inspector Lokendra Pratap Singh has been suspended, according to NDTV.

Part of the video has been uploaded on YouTube by ABP News:

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