19/05/2017 11:46 AM IST | Updated 24/05/2017 11:39 AM IST

This Summer, Ditch That Soda, And Tank Up On Water Instead. Here’s Why

Let there be water, water everywhere.


If the past few weeks are anything to go by, one thing is for sure: we are in the middle of a long and hot summer. The end of April saw temperatures hovering between 40-45 degrees in certain parts of India, while the first half of May has seen unprecedented dry heat and scorching temperatures. So how is one supposed to quench one's thirst during these dreadfully hot days? If you're imagining a chilled soda poured over a tall glass of ice, hold that thought! Drinking anything apart from water might end up damaging your body during the summer, rather than repairing it. Here's why you should ditch all aerated drinks and opt for water instead:

1. Apart from the extra calories that sodas pack, they tend to dehydrate you - Most sodas are made of caffeine and sugar, which when had in excess will leave you feeling parched and uneasy.

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2. Sufficient amount of water during the summer season helps in proper digestion - That means, no more constipation.

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3. You tend to feel fuller when you drink lots of water which basically curbs your appetite and allows you to shed some extra weight - Apart from that, water has zero calories, it reduces fat by-products and it boosts your metabolism. Need we say more?

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4. Water flushes out the toxins from the body and improves the skin - It's only an added bonus that water prevents Kidney stones and infections such as UTIs.

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5. It revitalises you and leaves you feeling energised through the day - Since our brains are mostly made up of water, drinking more of it helps the brain function well. With each sip, your brain not only focuses and concentrates better but it also leaves you feeling upbeat and energised.


6. Believe it or not, it's a natural (and a very effective) headache remedy - Ditch that painkiller, instead have a tall glass of water the next time you have a headache and within minutes you will feel better.

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7. It's the ultimate cure for a hangover - Because alcohol is diuretic, drinking one glass of water for every drink you consume will help keep that nasty hangover at bay.

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8. Water is a great way to kill bad breath - It helps keep your mouth moist while also washing away stray food particles and bacteria, thus leaving you feeling fresher for a longer time to come.

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That's why this summer quench your thirst with O'Cean Flavoured Water with 40% less sugar than carbonated soft drinks and added minerals. Time to #Rethinkyourdrink.