23/05/2017 5:33 PM IST | Updated 23/05/2017 5:45 PM IST

Indian Army Destroys Pakistani Army Posts, Alleges They Were Helping Terrorists Infiltrate Border

Pakistan has denied the incident.

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The Indian Army said on Tuesday that it had destroyed the Pakistani Army positions across the Line of Control (LoC) that were assisting terrorist infiltrate across the border. The 749 km LoC divides the state of J&K between India and Pakistan.

And, in a very rare move, the Indian Army released a 24-second video that showed a Pakistan post-cum shelter along the LoC being blown to smithereens.

However, Pakistan has denied the incident.

Sources in the Army indicated that the firing had taken place in the Naushera sector in the Jammu region on May 9, days after two Indian soldiers were beheaded in the Krishna Ghati Sector.

Speaking to the media in New Delhi, Major General Ashok Narula, Additional Director General of Public interface (ADGPI)-–a Military Intelligence establishment--said as a part of the counter-insurgency operations, the Indian Army had launched a "punitive fire assault."

Major General Narula said, "Pakistan Army was helping the infiltrators by firing at Indian Army positions and even targeting Indian villages in the proximity of Line of Control."

Making the assault public is important for two reasons. One, the videos released by the Indian Army indicates the use of heavy weapons.

Sources said that Indian Army used recoilless guns and anti-tank guided missiles to destroy the Pakistan Army position.

The use of heavy guns in peace time will only escalate the on-going conflict and unsaid war-like situation along the LoC. And, despite grave provocation earlier both India and Pakistan have refrained from using heavy artillery.

Two, and very importantly, the Indian Army making its fire assault on the Pakistan posts public shows that India is more than willing to "hit and tell." Earlier, the Indian Army made public the surgical strikes that was carried out across the LoC in retaliation to the Uri Brigade Headquarters attack last year. And, rarely, if ever at all, has the ADGPI addressed the media officially.

Major General Narula said the Indian Army wants to curb "infiltration" and the initiative remains with the Indian Army which dominates the LoC. "Locations aiding terrorist are being targeted and destroyed to deny and advantage to terrorists," he said.

As the social unrest and number terror strikes in the Kashmir valley increased over the last 18 month, New Delhi has repeatedly blamed Pakistan for helping terrorist infiltrate and also funding the social unrest.

Speaking to reporters, Major General Narula said, for peace and tranquility in Jammu and Kashmir "it is essential that the infiltration along LoC are controlled."

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