22/05/2017 6:29 PM IST | Updated 22/05/2017 6:30 PM IST

You Might Not See Tesla On The Indian Roads Anytime Soon

Elon Musk said that there might be a delay due to the local sourcing norms.

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Elon Musk today said there might be a delay in Tesla's delivery and network setup in India due to the local sourcing norms. Answering a question on Twitter, Musk said there is no infrastructure in India to support the 30% local components at the moment.

Earlier last year, Tesla had announced that its new model Tesla 3 would be available for the pre-order in India as well. Following that, a lot of people in the country made a booking of the car.

Later, Musk had said this year that the car might be available this summer. However, there is the lack of the supercharging infrastructure as well.

The government of India is planning to make all its cars electric by 2030.