22/05/2017 12:42 PM IST | Updated 08/06/2017 12:34 PM IST

Pack To The Max With These Backpack Hacks

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Packing a backpack is just one of those things we do without thinking. The usual result? An uncomfortable, bulging monstrosity that threatens to explode without warning in a public place, leaving you red-faced and on your knees. In addition to the discomfort and embarrassment it can cause, over-stuffing a backpack can actually hinder you from fully utilising its capacity. With some time, patience and skill, you can easily master the art of packing. So the next time you are looking to fit an elephant in your backpack, here are some hacks that will get the job done easily:

1. Instead of dumping clothes in the backpack, roll them up so that they take up minimal space. Whether it's a shirt, a towel, or a pair of pants, rolling up your clothes will save you a ton of space.

2. It is essential to carry a water bottle, especially in the summer months. But don't get carried away and pack a huge one. Instead, opt for a small bottle that is light and easy to carry. You can always refill it when required!

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3. Keep all your gadgets in one place, preferably in a little cloth or plastic bag. This will not only protect your devices, but will also allow you to find them easily. No more rummaging through a million things just to get to your tablet.

4. Always remember: the heavier items should be close to the back of the backpack--that is, close to your spine. Store all your lighter items around the heavier part, so that the bag is well-balanced.

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5. Using the additional pockets of your backpack to store little items such as snacks, ID cards or pens ensures that they don't get lost in the main compartment.

6. Tie wires and headphones together with rubber bands and keep them in a pouch. This will allow you to keep your wires safe and prevents them from getting buried under heavier things.

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7. Ladies, a backpack is great for carrying extra things like jewellery and makeup. But remember to store your jewellery in a zip-lock and your make-up in a pouch. Keep these in the front pocket for easy accessibility when you want to change your look quickly.

8. Last but not the least, the most important hack is to ensure your backpack is big enough to take all your stuff!

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