19/05/2017 1:08 PM IST | Updated 19/05/2017 1:13 PM IST

WhatsApp Rolls Out Pinned Chat To Android Smartphones

Pinned chats will always be on the top.

Brazil Photo Press/CON via Getty Images

NEW DELHI -- Mobile messaging service WhatsApp has launched pinned chats feature for all Android users.

With pinned chats, you never have to worry about scrolling through the long list of conversations to text your family members or your best friend.

"Users can now pin up to three of the most important group or individual chats to the top of their chat list for easy access -- simply tap and hold a chat, and then tap the pin icon at the top of your screen," the company said in a statement on Friday.

In February, WhatsApp announced that it has 200 million monthly active users in India.

The messaging platform also updated its "Status" feature that allows users to share images and videos with their contacts on WhatsApp in a secure way.

The social networking app has also rolled out a two-step verification process for all devices to enhance the security of users' accounts.