Rakhi Sawant, Unabashed Champion Of Women, Has A Message For Donald Trump

Watch out, Mr President.

You cannot not love Rakhi Sawant. She who has courted countless controversies in her career as a TV actress and model; who once wanted to marry Narendra Modi; and who even turned up for the Indian Independence Day function in Wheaton, Illinois, in the US in a black leather dress plastered with images of the prime minister.

Sawant, who is a consummate showperson, was asked by India times to "review" US President Donald Trump and some his controversial actions and boy, did she.

She talked about Trump's Islamophobia.

And made a simple yet important point.

Bolo Trump.

The girl has a point.

Responding to Trump's sexist remark -- Grab them by the p***y.

Rakhi also casually brought up her crush for Modiji while roasting Trump.

She has some important advice for the American president.

Just doing her Rakhi things, amirite.

You can visit India Times' Facebook page to watch the entire video,


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