19/05/2017 11:44 AM IST | Updated 19/05/2017 11:45 AM IST

Furious Pune Woman Sets Her Boyfriend's Wedding Pandal And Scooter Ablaze

The scooter was a gift from her.

PRAKASH SINGH via Getty Images

The story of a woman in Uttar Pradesh who stopped a wedding and kidnapped the groom at gun point made headlines two days ago. Now, according to reports from Pune, another woman infuriated by her lover's betrayal decided to take matters in her hand.

According to a report in the Times Of India, the woman who is 36 years old and her boyfriend, who is 33, have been in a relationship for the past six years and he had promised to marry her. However, according to reports, he abruptly decided to marry someone else without giving her any explanation.

He also invited his now former-girlfriend to his wedding. Infuriated by his actions, the girlfriend told the would-be bride and her family about their relationship. When that did not lead to the marriage being called off, the angry girlfriend went to the wedding venue a day ahead of the ceremony and set the pandal and the groom's scooter ablaze. She claimed that she had gifted the scooter to him.

The groom filed a complaint with the police who have arrested the woman. She has reportedly confessed to her crime and is being kept in police custody until 20 May.