18/05/2017 11:47 AM IST | Updated 18/05/2017 11:48 AM IST

WATCH: Two Men Kidnap A Woman In Hyderabad As People Look On



A CCTV footage of a woman being dragged away by two men in Hyderabad has left the Internet shocked. The reaction of the bystanders, who witnessed the incident, didn't betray much though.

Picking up a tweet from a reporter with The New Indian Express, The News Minute reported that the woman was kidnapped as punishment to her husband who had failed to repay a loan of ₹4 lakhs he had taken four years ago. So far, K Srinivas has been able to pay back only one lakh to the moneylender, M Srinivas.

Tired of his excuse of continuing financial difficulty, M Srinivas descended on K Srinivas's home with four other men and his own minor son on Monday. After being unable to extract the pending money yet again, he dragged away K Srinivas's wife, threatening to hold her hostage until the debt was settled.

A CCTV camera in Amberpet area captured the scene of the distraught woman being taken away by two men, followed by a couple of others on bikes. A little later a man is seen running after them, but none of the passers-by stopped to offer any help.

After examining the CCTV footage, police identified the vehicle in which the woman was carried away and arrested three men. Cases against them were booked under several sections of the Indian Penal Code.

While always distressing, such incidents are not altogether uncommon in public domain in India. Last year a 34-year-old man stabbed a woman in North Delhi 30 times in broad daylight, after stalking her for months. He had also threatened her earlier but was let off after a warning.

Even more gruesome was the murder of S Swathi, a techie in Chennai, by a man who also stalked her for weeks. Ramkumar, who later committed suicide in custody, had been allegedly rebuffed by Swathi for his advances. In retaliation, he lynched her at a railway station in plain sight of other commuters and fled the scene. Once again, none of the bystanders could do much to save her.

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