18/05/2017 12:42 PM IST | Updated 18/05/2017 12:42 PM IST

Addicts Chop Off Bengaluru Man’s Fingers For Not Helping Them Find Drugs

The victim hails from Nepal and has been living here since 2000.

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In a frightening incident in Bengaluru, early on Thursday morning, three men chopped off the fingers of a 40-year-old man when he failed to guide them to a place where they could find 'ganja'.

According to the report in the Bangalore Mirror, Bimal Singh, who works as a cook in the city, was returning home from work around 5 in the morning, when three men, who were apparently under the influence of alcohol, stopped him and asked him where they could find some ganja.

"When I told them that I neither take drugs nor do know where it is sold, the accused pounced on me," Singh told BM. "I pushed them back which is when one of them pulled out a knife and slashed the three fingers on my left hand. My middle, ring and the little finger have been cut. When I started screaming for help, the accused escaped on their Bullet."

Singh's cries soon alerted his brother, who took him to Bowring hospital, from where the victim was later shifted to Victoria hospital, where he underwent surgeries to re-fix his fingers.

The incident occurred near Shivajinagar. According to Singh, the accused were talking in Hindi and were aged around 30 years. They snatched away his mobile phone as well. The victim is a native of Nepal and has been living in the city since 2000.

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