This Stand-Up Comedian Hilariously Explains What It Is Like To Come Out As Gay To Friends

On point.

Coming out of the closet can be daunting, to say the least, in a country like India where homosexuality is still considered criminal in eyes of the law, as well as society at large.

Social exclusion (including by friends and family), completing one's education and successfully finding a job — everything becomes imperilled. Living a normal life is practically out of question.

While the LGBT rights movement in India is gaining strong momentum, it will be a while before social attitudes allow homosexuals, bisexuals, and members of the trans community to lead a normal life.

Navin Noronha, a stand-up comedian bravely yet hilariously talks about coming out to his friends, how they react and even the kind of men he's into.

Coming out to women

Coming out to men

You can watch the hilarious video here:

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