16/05/2017 11:04 AM IST | Updated 16/05/2017 11:55 AM IST

BJP MLA Who Made A Grand Entrance At The UP Assembly Riding A Bullock Cart, 'Forgot' To Pay The Driver

"It seems I was fooled," said the driver.


A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA from Bundelkhand on Monday rode a bullock cart decorated with garlands of marigold to the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Bhawan building. Jawahar Lal Rajput, the MLA from Bundelkhand, had used his favourite mode of transport to stress on the fact that the BJP-led government was for farmers' interest.

But according to The Telegraph, Rajput, who posed merrily before photographers with the cart decorated with marigold flowers, forgot one tiny thing as he alighted. He forgot to pay the man who had drove the bullock cart for over 300 kms some four days ago, at the MLA's behest.

"After we reached the Assembly, he [Rajput] got off and walked in without so much as a glance at me. His men asked me to go to the IT Crossing (4 kms away), saying I would be paid there. I waited there for two hours and then returned to the Assembly gates," Ram Lakhan, the bullock cart driver told The Telegraph.

"I suffered a lot en route but was happy by the promise of the person who hired me to earn enough to buy a buffalo. But it seems I was fooled," said he told DNA.

But finally, late in the afternoon, Rajput's aides went to meet him, gave his ox food and water, and promised to give him the money.

Rajput's aides reportedly said that "he must have forgotten" about the matter.

Ram Lakhan expects at least ₹10,000 from the minister as his payment, because his normal fare for a day is ₹2,500 in Jhansi and he had to travel 350km to Lucknow for this job.


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