15/05/2017 11:44 AM IST | Updated 15/05/2017 11:46 AM IST

Helicopter Lands At Maccas, Because Rich People Need To Eat Too

A love of McDonald's is one of life's great equalisers.

One person was certainly feeling like a box of McNuggets when he landed his helicopter -- yes, helicopter -- on a grassy patch next to a McDonald's in North-West Sydney on Saturday afternoon.

According to 9 News, Civil Aviation Safety Authority are investigating whether this was legal and if damages had incurred at the Rouse Hill branch.

The video capturing the incident sees the driver coolly walking away from his ride to take a quick photo of it.

Then he walks into McDonald's to receive his takeaway food and saunters back into the chopper.

Kyle and Jackie O apparently caught a hold of the pilot, who calls himself 'Dan'. He donated $1000 to Ronald McDonald House before admitting to flying the plane.

The landing also happened to occur in the same time period as McDonald's limited release of a $3 cheeseburger value meal. Coincidence?


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