15/05/2017 2:26 PM IST | Updated 15/05/2017 2:29 PM IST

A Chain She Bought Her 'Little Doll' Ultimately Helped Rohtak Gang Rape Victim's Mother Identify Her Mutilated Body

"She had dreams."


The 23-year-old woman who was gang raped, tortured and bludgeoned to death in Haryana's Rohtak district, was a good student who had to give up her studies to help her poverty-stricken family make ends meet. A few days after her mutilated body was found — half eaten by dogs, her food pipe missing, facial features distorted and her skull bashed in — her inconsolable parents have demanded that her rapists be hanged.

"She was our little adorable doll," her father told The Hindu.

Despite their economic hardships, there was nothing they would deny their girl, and when she fancied a chain someone in her neighbourhood wore, her mother bought her a similar one that very day.

On 11 May, it was that chain that helped her family identify her battered and badly mutilated body. "The body was infested with maggots. We identified her with the help of black nail polish on her toes and the chain," she said.

Their daughter wanted to be a teacher at a government school, the parents said, but was forced to seek employment at a local pharmaceutical company to help out the family. She had dreams, they said, that would now never be fulfilled.

The gang rape and murder has sent shockwaves across Rohtak, bringing back memories of the Delhi rape of a young woman on a bus in December, 2012. Her post mortem report revealed horrific details of the torture she had undergone at the hands of an accused she had allegedly slapped and refused to marry.

Sumit and Vikas (28), who were arrested for possessing illegal weapons, allegedly confessed to Sonipat SP Ashwin Shenvi that they had smashed the woman's face with bricks in an attempt to hide her identity.

According to her autopsy, the bones of her skull were shattered into pieces and "some sharp-edged objects may have been inserted in her private parts".