11/05/2017 1:28 PM IST | Updated 11/05/2017 1:28 PM IST

Traffic Cops In Ludhiana Wear Body Cameras To Record Conversation And Check Misbehaviour

The cameras cost ₹18,000 apiece. 

ANI/ Twitter

In a first-of-its kind initiative, Ludhiana Police is equipping their personnel on the road with body cameras to ensure better handling of traffic and to keep track of any reports of misbehaviour by members of the public or by the policemen themselves.

"It's been 3 days since we launched the body cameras in the city and have not received a single complaint so far," Ludhiana SHO, Traffic Police, Beant Juneja told HuffPost India.

"We have started with five cameras for now, but if the initiative turns out to be a success, we will launch this all over Punjab," he added.

The cameras, which can operate for 6 to 7 hours on one charge, are being welcomed both by the general public and the policemen.

Complaints of misbehaviour by the policemen as well as the public was the main reason behind introducing the body cameras.

"Traffic cops often used to complaint about the violators using political pressure on them," Juneja said. "This will help us in taking prompt action against the accused."

The initiative will also help in keeping a check on corrupt police officers.

"We also receive complaints about traffic policemen taking bribes," he added. "Through these cameras we can easily spot such cops and punish them."

The cameras reportedly cost ₹18,000 each.

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