10/05/2017 7:18 PM IST | Updated 10/05/2017 7:18 PM IST

Watch: Samajwadi Party Neta's Nephew Slaps Policeman In Etah

He was arrested for assaulting a doctor and lab technician.

Twitter/ANI UP

In an incident that indicates the kind of perceived impunity relatives of netas and VIPs think they enjoy, a video has emerged of Mohit Yadav, the nephew of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council Chairman Ramesh Yadav allegedly assaulting policemen in UP's Etah.

The video put out by NDTV shows how Mohit boldly announces, "Mera naam Mohit Yadav hai, aur yeh... (My name is Mohit Yadav, and he...)"

Mohit then turns to the police officer and slaps him, before he is stopped by another policeman. The video further shows him trying to violently free from the grip of two policemen who were holding him.

He is also heard hurling abuses at the policemen.

NDTV reported that Yadav was picked up by the police when he had another relative had gone to a hospital for an x-ray and wanted to get it done out of turn. He reportedly assaulted a lab technician and a doctor, after which he was taken to the police station.

Chief medical superintendent of the hospital Dr VK Singh told The Times Of India, "Since there was a long queue of patients, the lab technicians asked Mohit and his acquaintance to wait for their turn and get a receipt from the counter. But this infuriated Mohit who seemed drunk. He along with his men brutally assaulted two of our technicians and robbed them. One of the victim's finger bone was broken in the attack."

The newspaper reported that two FIRs - one by the police and one by hospital authorities - have been filed against Mohit.

Here's the video of the assault: