09/05/2017 8:33 AM IST | Updated 09/05/2017 8:41 AM IST

'Wish They Didn't Let You In The Country', Woman Tells Muslim Shopper In US

"Obama's not in office anymore. We don't have a Muslim in there anymore".

Jeremy McLellan/ Facebook

WASHINGTON -- A Muslim woman in the US has alleged that she was harassed in a store by a blonde lady who shouted "I wish they didn't let you in the country" and that Barack Obama was no longer in the Oval Office, a media report said.

The incident occurred after the Muslim woman allowed her fellow shopper to cut ahead of her when they were both in line for the cash register at the store in Virginia.

In a video gone viral on Facebook, an unidentified woman appears to tell a Muslim shopper, who allegedly let her go ahead in line, "I wish they didn't let you in the country," local WJLA TV, an affiliate of ABC News reported.

Comedian Jeremy McLellan posted the video on Facebook on Saturday. The Muslim woman involved in the incident is his friend.

As the video begins, the confrontation is already underway. A blonde woman accused the Muslim woman of "playing dumb" and said, "I've got it."

"I shouldn't have let you in front of me," said the Muslim woman.

"I wish they didn't let you in the country," snapped the harasser.

"Excuse me? I was born here," replied the Muslim woman.

"Oh, you were?" the blonde woman said. "Obama's not in office anymore. We don't have a Muslim in there anymore".

"Yeah, I wish he was," the Muslim woman was quoted as saying by the report.

"He's gone. He's gone," the woman says, smiling. "He may be in jail, too, in the future," she adds as she glances down in the direction of the camera briefly.

"You look a little crazy," the woman filming said. "Maybe you need to get some help."

"Oh, I'm fine," the other woman replied as the woman filming explained that it's not normal to strike up hateful conversations with strangers in line at the grocery store.

There has been increase in instances of Trump-supporters caught on video being aggressively rude and confrontational with a Muslim person or a person of colour.

Hate crimes and acts of violence against Americans of colour and immigrants have spiked since the election of Donald Trump as US President, including the murder of an Indian engineer Srinivas Kuchibhotla in Kansas city.

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