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Irom Sharmila Is Set To Marry Long-Time Partner Desmond Coutinho In July


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The Iron Lady of Manipur, Irom Sharmila, is set to marry her long-time partner Desmond Coutinho in July this year in Tamil Nadu, say latest reports.

She told The Times of India, "We have not fixed the date of our marriage yet, but are planning it some time in July-end in Tamil Nadu."

Sharmila, who was on a fast for 16 years against the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958, broker her fast on August 9, 2016. After years of being arrested and force fed, Sharmila had announced in July last year that she wanted to break her fast and contest elections, and get married.

She had formed a party called the People's Resurgence and Justice Alliance and had wanted to become the chief minister of Manipur. She had said that she wanted to contest polls because she wanted to get "our voices heard at the Centre"

She stood against Manipur Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh in Manipur's Thoubal constituency, lost the election getting only 90 votes.

In the past, her decision to get married to Coutinho had drawn criticism from her supporters. She had spoken about it in an interview with HuffPost India.

She had said, "With my conscience I want to do my duty with my life (and) go my way with my conscience (and) not based on others' principles," she said.

"I have own conscience own judgment to follow also. And as to my personal life, no one can dictate me."

She spoke about how she needed to feel "whole" and live a "natural life".

"I really need these things to be happen," she said, "I mean my natural life of being a human, imitating the natural phenomenon living beings, so that my course of life being peaceful... more perfect."

She had said that she wanted to get married even if she did not get find support for her decision.

"People surround me don't want intervention from my fiance. As we have no legal bonding right now I can't have his help in need now."

"And for the time being I have to tackle with it but once the election is over I want my own family," she said.

"And feel like a real woman."

Read her interview with HuffPost India here.

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