06/05/2017 4:01 PM IST | Updated 06/05/2017 4:04 PM IST

Bengaluru Woman Shot At Her Husband Thrice While He Was Driving Their Car

She did it because he hit her, she claims. 

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A woman in Bengaluru shot her husband while he was driving their SUV and chased him when he tried to escape before attacking him again.

According to a Times of India report, the couple, Sairam and Hamsa was on their way from Hosur in Tamil Nadu. They had stopped for lunch by the highway and had consumed some alcohol.

At around 5 PM, near Veerasandra, the two got into an argument and Hamsa took the loaded pistol that was kept in the car by Sairam who owns a private security firm, and shot him thrice in the abdomen.

In a bid to escape, Sairam got out of the car and boarded a BMTC bus. Hamsa chased down the bus in the SUV and eventually managed to get on the bus and attack her husband again. Fifty-three-year-old Sairam was saved by the passengers and was hospitalised. Hamsa was handed over to the police.

Hamsa told the police that during the argument in the car, Sairam had hit her and she shot him because she felt humiliated. But the cops say that she is still inebriated and has been giving out contradictory information. They said they would wait for her to sober down before interrogating her any further.

Sairam has had to undergo surgery for the wounds he sustained in his abdomen and the doctors are trying to stop the bleeding.

The two have been married for almost two decades and have a daughter. They allegedly had a rocky relationship but the police are still unsure what exactly caused the argument to escalate.

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