05/05/2017 1:02 PM IST | Updated 05/05/2017 1:02 PM IST

After 'Desi' Jeans, Now Baba Ramdev Wants To Bring Fast Food Restaurants To Rival McDonalds, KFC

"Vegetarianism is catching on like wildfire," he says.

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Yoga guru Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurveda is planning a foray in fast food retail with plans to launch a nation-wide quick service restaurant chain that will offer an all-veg fast food menu featuring 400 recipes.

Ramdev believes that "vegetarianism is catching on like wildfire" around the world and healthier Indian vegetarian food could give multinationals "serving chicken or mutton" a run for their money.

"People stand in queues to get access to vegetarian food," Ramdev toldTOI, adding Patanjali is hoping to repeat its success in fast moving consumer goods space, where it has taken on large multinationals like Unilever.

In 10 years since its founding, Patanjali has grown its market share to 1.2 per cent share in beauty and personal care market as of 2015, Bloomberg reported.

Last year, Ramdev said he was planning to launch 'desi' jeans, women's and office wear.

"We will make men's and women's wear, not just traditional Indian clothing but also modern wear like jeans for example. Just because I am a baba does not mean we cannot marry modernity with spirituality, we can make, let's say desi jeans," Ramdev told the Telegraph.