03/05/2017 1:43 PM IST | Updated 03/05/2017 1:44 PM IST

How To Clean Your Facebook News Feed Of Those Annoying Posts


Dado Ruvic / Reuters

If you are thinking that your Facebook news-feed or timeline doesn't quite look like the one you subscribed to, you're not alone. Many Facebook users have been complaining about irrelevant stuff and annoying posts on their timeline. While Facebook works on algorithms to refine your feed to your liking, it has also given you, the user, tools to clean up the mess.

True, ads can be irritating. But they are not going away. What you can do, is control them. If you see an ad, you can click the options menu on the side and deem it irrelevant or spammy.


Similarly, if you think that a person or page is creating a little too much ruckus on your news-feed you can unfollow the person or the page. Additionally, you can choose not to see the posts from that particular source.


The Facebook 'settings' menu allows you to have control over you news-feed under a single menu. Under the 'settings' pane, there will be an option called 'News Feed Preferences' that provides more refinement options to the user.

The first option lets you choose the pages and friends from whom you want frequent updates.


The second option lets you 'unfollow' people so as to hide their posts. You can follow them back through the 'reconnect' menu later. To make your timeline more relevant, Facebook helps you discover pages that match your interest based on your likes. So, clean your feed now!