03/05/2017 10:42 AM IST | Updated 03/05/2017 10:47 AM IST

'F**k India': Watch How An Indian Man And His Pregnant Wife Faced Racial Abuse In Sydney

Why the tirade? 'Coz I hate 'em'


A 33-year-old man and his pregnant wife faced racist abuses from a woman when they went to Sydney's Luna Park on April 22. His wife wanted a seat in one of the benches in the park.

Utsav Patel filmed the entire racist rant from a woman who refused to let his wife sit beside her.

"I wanted to take my daughter into ride and my wife wanted to sit down as she is 15 weeks pregnant and no other space was available," Patel told Daily Mail Australia.

He said that the woman was sitting with her legs on the bench, and when his wife asked politely if she could sit, the woman got angry and started hurling expletives at them.

Patel filmed the entire episode and put it out Twitter:

"F**k India, that's what I said, f**k India," the woman is heard yelling at Patel.

When Patel asks why, she says, "Coz I don't like 'em, go f**k yourself. Go, go, go, go."

When Patel threatens to call security, she says, "What security man? I can sit wherever the f**k I want."

In another video, Patel tells the woman that he is recording and that it will go up on social media, to which she retorts with showing him the middle finger.

The Daily Mail reported that Patel has taken it up with the authorities at the park who are 'dealing with the individual personally'.

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