Eight Reasons Our Neighbours Are Our Frenemies

How would we ever do without them?

Finding good neighbours is a bit like winning the lottery. Sometimes, we're lucky...and sometimes, we must make do with what we have. But whatever our equation with them might be, we must concede that we need our neighbours. Who else would we entrust the house keys to, when we go on vacation? Who can we rely on when the freezer breaks down and the food starts going bad? Who else is there to commiserate with you when the cable connection goes kaput in the middle of your favourite show? Of course, this could mean putting up with their oddities and irritating habits now and then, but that's usually a small price to pay. Here are 8 reasons why our neighbours will always remain our 'frenemies'.

1. They complain about your kids...

When you've got young kids, things can always get delicate vis-à-vis your neighbours. Many of us have been upbraided at some point for our children making too much noise, for banging the door of the elevator, or (horrors!) shattering the headlight of the neighbour's car while playing cricket.

2. ...but they also take care of them when you're sick

Before we label our neighbours heartless, we must also remember how they willingly take care of our kids when we're down with illness. From feeding them to keeping them busy and watching them as they play, our neighbours ensure our kids are looked after when we're not up to the task.

3. Their parties drive you nuts...

When your neighbour has a party at home, the whole colony gets to know about it. Their guests park their vehicles all around the compound, loud music and bright lights are kept on late into the night, and there are used cups and plates littering the hallways or lawns.

4. ...but, yummy food!

If you have a decent equation with your neighbour, there's a good chance of you being invited to the party. Or if nothing else, he or she might share some yummy cake or dessert with you. And nothing brings out your forgiving nature faster than that!

5. They can be competitive...

Ever had a neighbour who is closely keeping tabs on your lifestyle? Whatever you buy—whether it's a sofa or a new car—they need to get something that's as good, or better. And they make sure you know about it!

6. ...but that shows they look up to you

Your sense of value and style is something they respect. You know that they are carefully listening to everything you say, and mentally making notes. And that's enough to make you feel good: after all, who doesn't like being looked up to?

7. They want to pry into your life...

There are some neighbours who need to be reminded that they live next door, and not at YOUR house. These are the types who constantly come over, plonk themselves on the sofa, ask intrusive questions and provide unsolicited advice, without any concern as to whether they're welcome or not.

8. ...but they make life fun!

After a while, you start getting used to nosey neighbours who spend half their time at your house. And if they don't come over for a day or two, you can even start missing them, their constant interference, and the delicious gossip they inevitably bring with them.

Like many of us, Murthy—the popular character from the Voltas air-conditioner ads—has to deal with intrusive neighbours who keep invading his home all year round on various pretexts. Voltas's latest campaign to promote its 'All Star AC' shows smart Murthy getting the better of his nosey neighbours, with hilarious effect. Watch the first video, Neighbours in Summer Season, below:

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