28/04/2017 7:38 PM IST | Updated 28/04/2017 7:38 PM IST

SpiceJet Flight Takes Off From Goa Airport Without Informing Passengers, Leaves Them Grounded

It was running two hours late anyway.

Punit Paranjpe / Reuters

PANAJI (GOA) -- A SpiceJet flight number SG172 on Friday took off without informing the passengers and left them stranded with their luggage at the Goa airport.

The incident took place when a group of around 14 passengers came from Chennai to take their connecting flight.

Heated argument started between the passengers and the SpiceJet staff.

Later, the staff informed that the next flight is scheduled to depart at 8 p.m.

Meanwhile, a passenger called the Goa airport police to intervene into the matter but the staff arranged another airlines ticket for all the stranded passengers.

At first, SpiceJet flight number SG3105 delayed by more than two hours while coming from Chennai to Goa.

After that, when the passengers landed at the Goa airport, the scheduled flight took off leaving them behind.

According to the SpiceJet flight number SG 3105 Chennai-Goa flight was delayed due to a technical reason on Friday morning and as a result 14 passengers who were to take the onward flight from Goa to Delhi (SG 172) missed the connecting flight.

These 14 passengers had been informed about the delay and misconnection at the Chennai airport itself.

They have now been accommodated in another airline and their flight will depart at 5.45 p.m.

This is not the first time that SpiceJet was in news.

Earlier, a warrant has been issued against its managing director for ignoring its two-year-old order to reimburse the air ticket's cost to a passenger, who was not allowed to board the plane.

The allegation is that on April 21, 2015, when the fellow passenger reached at the counter of the airline, he was not issued the boarding pass to board the aircraft.

Regardless of the online booking, hard copies of the ticket were sought.

In the meanwhile, he missed the flight due to negligence of the airline employees.

After this, the traveller asked for the ticket's money, but the airlines did not return the ticket price of Rs. 5,000.

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