28/04/2017 2:43 PM IST | Updated 28/04/2017 3:12 PM IST

'I Have Killed My Mother': Delhi Man Calls Police After Beating And Strangulating Septuagenarian To Death

He killed her because she refused to go to an old-age home.

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In a gruesome incident reported on Friday, an unemployed Delhi man is to said have beaten and then strangulated his mother to death because she refused to go to an old-age home.

A report in The Hindustan Timessaid that the man killed her because he could not afford to take care of her and sat beside her body for hours, crying, because he repented his act.

The man is 48-years-old and has been identified as Laxman Kumar Naidu.

The Hindu reported the police as saying that he called them and confessed to his crime on Tuesday morning saying, "I have killed my mother."

The incident took place in south-west Delhi's Sagarpur.

The Hindustan Times quoted a police officer as saying, "In his statement, he said he asked her to leave the house several times, but she refused saying she had nowhere to go. He said he told her to either go to an old-age home or an ashram or to her other son who lives in Faridabad but she refused to leave the house, which angered him."

Reports suggest that the police also said that the man was suffering from depression. The details of the murder are chilling.

The police told The Hindu, "He first hit her with a brick and then he wrapped a plastic pipe around her neck to kill her."

Reports suggest that Naidu's neighbours have told the police that he would often fight with his mother and during Tuesday's fight, Naidu confessed, that he thought the only option would be to get rid of her.

Naidu has been charged with murder and his mother's body has been sent for a post mortem.

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