27/04/2017 5:03 PM IST | Updated 27/04/2017 5:05 PM IST

Mamata Banerjee Born Hindu But Sympathetic Towards Minorities, TMC Slams Rahul Sinha's Comments On Her Faith

People are confused if she is Hindu or Muslim, the BJP Leader said.

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KOLKATA -- Coming down heavily on Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Rahul Sinha's comments over West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's religion and faith, the Trinamool Congress on Thursday asserted that the former's comment in this matter was beneath contempt.

"I have no words to criticise his statement. Mamta Banerjee is an electric chief minister and she believes in secularism and keeping in touch with all communities and all sections. She has repeatedly said she is a born Hindu and has been practising Hindu. But she believes acting symapathetically towards our minority brother. To make such low comments reveals Sinha's taste," TMC leader Sougata Roy said.

"Lastly, no one stopped her during her last visit to the Puri temple. Some BJP workers tried to shout slogans weeks away. Mr. Sinha is distorting the incident," Roy clarified.

A day before, Sinha courted controversy when he accused Mamata Banerjee of appeasing Muslims to such an extent that she had to "prove she is Hindu".

"When she went to the temple in Puri, the purohit stopped her and said, we only allow Hindus inside this temple, Muslims are not allowed. She had to identify herself as a Hindu," Sinha said.

Later, in his clarification, Sinha said, "I never said Mamata Banerjee had to prove that she was a Hindu. She is screaming that she is a real Hindu."

"She has created her own image as a Muslim by wearing burqa, reading namaaz and people are confused whether she is a Muslim or a Hindu."

"This is not acceptable in politics. She has to serve the people in politics, which is a priority and not politicise religion," he added.

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