27/04/2017 5:28 AM IST | Updated 27/04/2017 7:02 AM IST

Here's What These Syrian Refugees Took With Them When They Fled

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Video by Charles Wharton.

When sharing the stories of Syrian refugees, we often talk about loss. When we see Syrian refugees in the media, they are often portrayed in the context of war and desperate emergency situations. The aim of this photo series was to connect everyday Australians with Syrian refugees, through the simple concept of an object.

In conversations between friends and family, we have all at one time or another discussed what we would take if we had to leave our homes. What would you grab if a bushfire was threatening your home? What is the thing most precious to you?

In asking Syrian refugees this same question, I wanted to convey our shared humanity. A mother protecting her newborn baby with a shawl but leaving behind everything else, a young girl bringing her colouring book, her way of expressing her feelings... these are concepts that everyone can understand and connect to, despite how far away the conflict in Syria may be.


Joel Pratley is a photographer for Act for Peace's Ration Challenge, where Australians eat the same rations as a Syrian refugee living in a camp in Jordan for one week and get sponsored to do it. You can learn more about the Ration Challenge here.