27/04/2017 9:38 AM IST | Updated 27/04/2017 10:52 AM IST

After Shooting A Burglar, Delhi Cop Donates Blood To Save His Life

Humanity wins.

Anindito Mukherjee / Reuters
Police officers gather for a briefing near the India Gate in New Delhi.

A Delhi police just showed us that humanity tops everything else.

On Tuesday night, two burglars trying to break into an apartment in Rohini shot at the policemen who were trying nab them. When the cops returned fire, one of the robbers was hit on his hand and back.

The police then didn't just arrest him. Instead, the cops took the bleeding man to a hospital and one of the constables donated blood to keep him alive.

"Shooting at the criminal was my duty. I am performing my humanitarian duty now," constable Ashok Kumar told Hindustan Times.

Kumar reportedly donates blood to old people and road-accident victims often. But this was the first time he donated blood to a suspect he had shot at.

When the residents of Ahimsa Apartment in Rohini Sector 9 spotted the burglars, they called the cops at around 4 am. An ERV team and cops on a patrol bike reached the spot.

The two men had their faces covered and they were trying to scale the gate. When they spotted the police, they took out their pistols and fired at them.

The police managed to nab one of the burglars while the other managed to escape on his bike.

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