26/04/2017 7:33 PM IST | Updated 26/04/2017 7:33 PM IST

Woman In Jharkhand Dumps Groom Who Demanded Bike In Dowry, Her Family Shaves His Head

He was already getting one as a gift but he wanted another! 

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RANCHI -- Avarice is bad, is the lesson a groom in a Jharkhand town learnt when he not only sought the hand of a young woman but also a brand new motorcycle from her family. In the bargain, he lost both.

When the groom demanded a particular brand of motorcycle in dowry, in addition to one he had already received, the bride's family tonsured him on Wednesday and turned him away without his bride as she refused to accompany him, the police said.

Mumtaz Ansari of Ormanjhi town in Ranchi district got married to a young women at Chandawe village in the district on Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning, Mumtaz demanded another motorcycle though the woman's family had purchased a Pulsar bike as a dowry gift.

Mumtaz stuck to his demand even as the bride's family tried to reason with him. The bride later refused to accompany him to her marital home, according to the police.

After the wedding party left the village, Mumtaz and his brother were left behind. The bride's family then tonsured both of them and garlanded them with shoes.

The two -- after their hair-raising ordeal -- were let off only after they agreed to reimburse the marriage expenses to the bride's family.

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