26/04/2017 6:26 PM IST | Updated 26/04/2017 6:50 PM IST

Priyanka Chopra Finally Answers Questions On The Possible Cancellation Of 'Quantico'

The actress weighed in on the uncertanity of a third season

Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Priyanka Chopra is finally in Mumbai.

Dangling between the promotions of her Hollywood debut feature, Baywatch, and shooting the second season of Quantico, the actress seems to have finally managed to sneak it in some time for an India trip.

While Baywatch is set for a June 2 India release, speculations have been rife about the uncertain future of the third season of her TV show, Quantico.

At a press conference held in Juhu, Mumbai, when this writer asked her whether or not the show will be renewed, the actress said, "What happens is that after every season, the channel goes back and they do a consensus to see which shows should come back for another season and which they are cancelling, what their budgets are. Right now, we are in that phase. Even after season 1, we didn't know if season 2 was coming till May last year. So now, we are still waiting to see if there will be a season 3 or not."

Asked if she had to make a difficult choice between doing an Indian film and the third season of her show, the actress said, "I am in a contract with ABC that says I cannot just leave Quantico midway, especially if they want another season. So I think I'll have to choose that. However, I cannot announce any Hindi film project yet as a lot depends on whether the show will have a season 3 or not."

When a journalist asked if she'll continue pursuing work in the West, even if Quantico is dropped, Chopra said, "I never came here with a plan or an agenda to find work. Offers just came to me. I am an actress. I will go wherever my work takes me. It's not like I was trying my luck or anything."

Asked if she feared being stereotyped as an exotic Indian diva in Hollywood films, Chopra said, "There has been a stereotype not only in India but also in the West about the lack of understanding of Hindi films. When I walk down on the sets, I want them there to understand that I know my job quite well, which the Hindi film Industry has taught me over the years. It takes a lot of time for them to warm up but I think they (American media/industry) have been nothing but sweet to me," she concluded.

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