25/04/2017 3:34 PM IST | Updated 25/04/2017 3:36 PM IST

In Jharkhand, 12,000 Cows Already Have Aadhaar-Like Tags

And they can be tracked through smartphones!


A day after the Centre told the Supreme Court that cattle in India would get a unique identification number (UID) to protect them from being smuggled in India and even across the border, a report suggests that the process has already begun in the state of Jharkhand where 12,000 cows have been tagged with with Aadhaar-like 12-digit UIDs.

The Hindustan Times reports that much before the Centre made this proposal in the apex court, a government body, Jharkhand State Implement Agency for Cattle and Buffalo (JSIACB), has already been working on a project to tag cattle across eight districts in the state.

ANI had on Monday reported the Centre as telling the Supreme Court, "The UID number should have age, breed, sex, lactation, height, body, colour, horn type, tail switch and special marks details of the animal. The UID for cow and its progeny should be made mandatory across India."

And that is exactly what the JSIACB has been doing through the Centre's information network for animal productivity and health (INAPH).

JSIACB chief executive officer Dr Govind Prasad told The Hindustan Times that after the data of the cattle is compiled onto the database, the details of each animal could be tracked from anywhere, and even through smartphones.

Jharkhand is also a state where the Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 2005 has been enacted.

This report comes on the back drop of rampant cow vigilantism across the country where mobs have taken the law into their own hands, and have even attacked people causing there deaths.

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