21/04/2017 4:36 PM IST | Updated 21/04/2017 5:55 PM IST

Mother Set Ablaze Outside Her Home In Mumbai Trying To Save Daughter From Deranged Stalker

Amravati is suffering from 94 percent burns.

by Jose A. Teijeiro via Getty Images

In a heartrending incident, a mother suffered 94 percent burns and is fighting for life in a hospital because she stood up to a man who was harassing her daughter.

According to a report in the The Times of India, on 14 April, Amravati and her daughter were sitting outside her house in Bandra, Mumbai, when the accused, one Deepak Jeth, threw petrol on them.

Amravati tried to shield her daughter and most of the petrol fell on her.

While her daughter ran inside to get some water to clean themselves, she found that her mother, as well as a neighbour and her 2-year-old daughter, had been set on fire by the accused.

The neighbour and her daughter have suffered 35 percent burns, whereas Amravati has 94 percent burns.

Amravati, who is in excruciating pain and battling for life, told TOI that she wants to see the perpetrator hanged. "I want to see him hanged," she said. "He should pay the price for what he has done to me and my family."

Reportedly, for over a year now, Jeth has been stalking the daughter, making inappropriate contact and flashing her in public.

Amravati has been admitted to Masina Hospital in Mumbai and may need cadaveric skin donation for grafting in order to make a full recovery.

Amravati's husband works as a gardener and the couple have three children, including their 18-year-old daughter.


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