19/04/2017 9:53 AM IST | Updated 19/04/2017 10:20 AM IST

Man Shouts Triple Talaq To His Wife Inside Gonda Family Court

The woman alleges that it was because her in-laws had dowry demands.

Amit Dave / Reuters

In another glaring example of misuse of triple talaq, a man divorced his wife in a family court in Uttar Pradesh's Gonda.

The Telegraph reports that the man walked out of the court after shouting 'talaq' thrice at his wife, after which she fainted.

The man in question, Mahfooz Ahmed, had married Rukaiyah Khatun in 2014, but she was thrown out of her home because her in-laws had made dowry demands which she could not fulfil.

In a video by News18 Hindi, Rukaiyah is seen telling the news channel that her in-laws had demanded a gold chain, Rs 50,000 and car.

"Maine unse haath jod ke binti kya ki mere gharwale gareeb hain, unki yeh haisiyat nahi hai ki woh de sake yeh sab. Jo unke haisiyat ke mutabik tha unhone diya. Lekin mere sasural walon ne kahaa ki agar yeh sam humein nahin mila toh tumhe nahi rakhenge (I pleaded with my in-laws and told them that my parents cannot afford the things they are demanding. They gave them what they could. But my in-laws told me that they won't keep me if their demands are not met)," Rukaiyah tells News18 Hindi.

She tells the news channel that her husband wanted a wife who works and wanted a lot of dowry, none of which she could give him.

After the triple talaq incident, Rukaiyah says that she wants alimony so that she can live peacefully with her infant daughter.

This incident comes even as the family court was trying to get Mahfooz to take back his wife.

Khalid Rashid Firangimahli, a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) told The Telegraph, "Pronouncing the triple talaq in one sitting is against the Sharia. It should be done according to the approved process. We will ensure that the local mosque announces a social boycott of the man if the woman approaches us."

Meanwhile, as Firangimahli said, the AIMPLB had announced that those who misuse triple talaq will face social boycott.

The Supreme Court is also going to take up the issue of triple talaq because it has received several petitions asking for it to be banned because it is misused.

While the AIMPLB had earlier said triple talaq could not be banned because it comes under Sharia law, they have now softened their stand.

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