You May Never Sell, You May Never Be Read, But So What?

Don’t stop.

Tomorrow will be a new day, but remember, even the day begins with darkness. Tomorrow you enter a new room but don't get comfortable in the dark. Don't get comfortable at all. Also remember, even the heaviest cars roll back on a slope before accelerating.

Maybe you will never sell. Maybe you will never be read. But, maybe you will never be able to stop. Just, maybe. Never let your eyesight look beyond your vision. Never let your vision look beyond your beliefs.

Stay hungry but not so hungry that anything will fill you up.

You may fail. In fact, you will definitely fail but embrace it because you're nearing success, just make sure you never taste it. Let yourself be the shadow towards every definition of success you create. Keep chasing it, one word at a time. Failure is inevitable but so is success. I hope you keep learning newer meanings of the latter and even more of the former.

Value every attribute of your life.... Before it is reduced to a memory. A lot will change. Make sure you are always on the driver's seat and make sure you go astray but remember, never look beyond your beliefs. They are what make you the person that can only be replicated when in front of a mirror.

The truth is, you have no idea where you are going but you won't be alone. You'll be surrounded by words, by the characters you create.

There are going to be doubters. Of course there will be. If there weren't, what's the fun? Let them raise their eyebrows. Your job isn't to cater to their needs but to understand your own. Convert their doubt to astonishment. However, that is all secondary. So is the assumption that you will walk on a path guided by a spotlight with your name on it. Let these fictitious scenarios be plots for all that you have to offer. If, for some reason you are standing in front of the limelight, acknowledge it and carry on. Just because the sun stares you in the face doesn't mean you stare back till it blinds you. More importantly, what's the point of living in past achievements?

I am not going to ask you why you are doing this. In truth, I know you don't know and that is why I am confident in staying here with my binoculars focused on the rough terrain ahead.

Everything you will do will stay beyond you. Do I need to state a reason any larger in magnitude than this to get the adrenaline flowing? If so, don't be greedy. Stay hungry but not so hungry that anything will fill you up. So keep feeding your need. A want will fill you in the moment; a need will make you content.

You're going into a war zone and the tricky bit is you're in both the opposing trenches. There will be no one pushing you away from each destination more than you will. Don't forget to smile, even when you might think there is no reason to. If you can't find a reason to, make one.

Maybe you'll never sell? Maybe you'll never be read? Maybe you'll never write a word? Maybe you'll never stop? Definitely.