18/04/2017 10:25 AM IST | Updated 18/04/2017 11:09 AM IST

In Uttar Pradesh, Bride And Groom's Family Fight And Call Off Wedding Over An Extra Helping Of Rasgulla

Rasgulla wars.

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Rasgulla, tasty Indian sweets made with milk and sweet syrup

There are many reasons to call off a wedding. Two years ago, a woman walked out of her wedding when the groom couldn't add 15 to six. However, this incident probably has topped the bizarre list of reasons to call off a wedding.

In Uttar Pradesh, a wedding was reportedly called after the bride and the groom's family threw cutlery at each other all because someone wanted an extra rasgulla.

The incident happened in Kurmapur village in Unnao district, about 70 km from Lucknow, reports DNA.

According to the report, during the dinner, there was a heated argument between the groom's cousin and a relative of the bride. Turns out, the groom's cousin had served himself two rasgullas, instead of one.

Soon, the arguments turned into a scuffle. The groom's cousin was joined by the other baratis, who then beat up the bride's father. The families then threw plates and spoons at each other and the pandal crashed down.

The police and village elders were called to sort out the issue. However, despite their intervention, the bride reportedly refused to marry after seeing her father being insulted and beaten up.

Achalganj police station SHO Mohammed Ashraf told DNA that a complaint has been submitted by the bride's father.

Recently, in Bengaluru, a bride called off the wedding after the groom's family threw tantrums for being served less food. The groom's family was asked to wait for a while before they could serve fresh food, but they refused to budge. Eventually, when the groom's family said they are ready for the wedding, but by then, the bride changed her mind.

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