17/04/2017 9:34 PM IST | Updated 17/04/2017 9:36 PM IST

WATCH: Modi Breaks Security Protocol To Chat With Four-Year-Old Nancy

The entire episode was captured on camera and its footage went viral on social media.


SURAT -- Prime Minister Narendra Modi broke his security protocol on Monday, stopping his convoy mid-way to meet a four-year-old girl in Surat during his Gujarat tour.

Nancy Gondaliya rushed towards the Prime Minister's car when thousands of people were waiting on both sides of the road to catch his glimpse on his way to Kiran Hospital from Circuit House.

Seeing the little girl rushing towards the car, SPG commandos accompanying the Prime Minister tried to stop her. But to the surprise of everyone, Modi promptly have his convoy stopped and asked the commandos to allow her to come to him.

Modi exchanged a few words with the little girl, who was then taken back to her father.

The entire episode was captured on camera and its footage went viral on social media.

Nancy, daughter of diamond-cutting worker Prakash Gondaliya, resides in Vedroad area of the city.

"She is a big fan of the Prime Minister and whenever he comes on television she addresses him as 'Modi Dada'," Prakash said.

"Today morning she insisted on meeting Modi. So I took her to one of the streets from where Modi's convoy was to pass. I told her if she wants to meet him she should run towards his car and waive at him," he added.

"The Prime Minister asked her name and enquired about the big watch she was wearing. He affectionately rubbed her cheeks and sent her back to me," Prakash added.

The girl appeared excited after meeting the PM and kept chanting `Modi Dada'.

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