14/04/2017 2:55 PM IST | Updated 14/04/2017 3:17 PM IST

Now, A Google Tool To Make Your Scrappy Doodles Look Perfect

Who needs talent.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters
A Google logo is seen in a store in Los Angeles, California, U.S., March 24, 2017. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Google is using its AI power to turn your hand drawn doodles turn into professionally drawn figures. A new portal called Autodraw lets you draw a shape of your choice and then predicts what you want to draw by presenting you with a selection of pre-drawn figures.

The tool can be used as normal painting tool with basic controls such as colours, text, shapes, fills and draw. One of the best things about Autodraw is that you can exit the website anytime and your session will be auto saved.


The magic of Autodraw lies in the auto-draw tool itself, which tries — with every stroke of the brush — to guess what you're trying to draw. The top pane, has a bunch of predictions already lined up from which you can choose one to get a perfectly drawn figure. Google is employing its extensive Artificial Intelligence resources to guess the shapes drawn by users.

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