14/04/2017 10:31 AM IST | Updated 14/04/2017 11:03 AM IST

Dog Stabbed To Death While Trying To Save Owner From Knife-Wielding Intruder In Mumbai

What a hero!

Danish Siddiqui / Reuters
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Lucky, a pet dog, was stabbed to death while protecting his caregiver from the knife attack of a neighbour saving in Mumbai's Antop Hill area on Wednesday.

The 13-year-old a stray dog had been adopted by a woman in Sion-Koliwada about a year ago.

The incident took place at a slum in Makkadiwada area of Sion-Koliwada.

According to a Mumbai Mirror report, Lucky and his owner Sumathi Devendran, who lives with her brother, got caught in the fight between a slum dweller, Vyankatesh, and his brother's wife, Rosy.

When Vyankatesh and his sister-in-law Rosy's fight became violent, she ran to her neighbour Sumathi's house. Vyankatesh then walked in with a knife, where Sumathi was with the dog.

Narrating how the dog rescued Sumathi's life, she said, "He started barking crazily and stood between Vyankatesh and us. When an enraged Vyankatesh lunged at us with the knife, Lucky sunk his teeth into his ankle and clung to it."

Venkatesh managed to escape, leaving a profusely bleeding Lucky behind.

He was arrested later, however, he also got a bail on a surety of Rs 5,000. It has done little to ease Sumathi's sense of loss, reports Hindustan Times.

"He gave away his life for me. I want Vyankatesh to be punished," she told Mirror.

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