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You Can Whine About Summer Or Have These Delicious Indian Mango Dishes To Cool Your Soul

Mango mania.

Sailu's Food

India's love affair with mangoes knows no limits. The king of fruits finds its way into our pickles, murabbas, chutneys, drinks and swets, but also our curries, dal and spice. It is so popular that we even use amchur or dry mango powder as a souring agent or transform it into aam papad to relish when the fruit is not in season.

Kitchens across India celebrate the mango in different ways. If the tartness of green mangoes is used to add a tangy punch to curries and other savoury dishes, the sweet and fleshy texture of ripe mangoes is ideal for mithai, cooling drinks and snacks. These delicious dishes from different Indian states are truly summer personified.

Raksha's Kitchen

Amlechi Uddhamethi (Goan raw mango curry)

This delicious Konkani curry is made with raw mango and grated coconut and jaggery. Uddamethi literally means urad dal and methi, which are used for tempering. Try this recipe for amlechi uddamethi.

Padhu's Kitchen

Raw mango rice

There are several variations of raw mango rice made across southern Indian kitchens. The Andhra-style Mamidikaya Pulihora tastes similar to lemon rice, except that it gets its tanginess from grated green mangoes.

Get the recipe for raw mango rice here.

Sailu's Food


Amrakhand or mango shrikhand is a cooling dish common in Maharashtrian homes during the summer. It is ususally served as part of the meal, with rotis or puris. It is a perfect balance of the sweet and sour, thanks to the use of mango pulp and hung curd.

Try this recipe for mango shrikhand.


Nadan chemmeen manga curry (Kerala-style prawn mango curry)

This sunny prawn curry from Kerala balances the sourness of raw mangoes with the sweet creamines of coconut milk. Its subtle flavours are best savoured with steamed rice. Try this recipe for nadan chemmeen manga curry, but you can also make a vegetarian version without prawns.

Madhuri Aggarwal/Archana's Kitchen

Mambazha pulissery

This sweet-and-sour curry from Kerala uses small ripe mangoes, grated coconut and yoghurt and is traditionally served on as part of the sadya feast for the festival of Onam. It goes well with steamed rice, ghee and papads.

Here is a recipe for mambazha pulissery.

A Homemaker's Diary

Tok dal

'Tok' literally means sour, and this is a cooling Bengali dal made during the summer months. The masur dal (red lentils) is cooked with sliced raw green mangoes to give it a tangy taste, tempered with mustard oil, seeds and dry red chilli, and served with steamed rice.

Try this recipe for tok dal.

Marudhu's Kitchen

Gujarati fajeto

A summery spin on the Gujarati kadhi, fajeto is simultaneously hot, sour and sweet. Ripe mangoes are churned and cooked with curd or buttermilk, besan (gram flour) and spices, and eaten with steamed rice.

Try this recipe for fajeto.

Archana's Kitchen

Mamida pandu pulusu (Andhra-style ripe mango curry)

This Andhra curry cooked with small ripe mangoes, tamarind, green chillies and jaggery, packs in a mix of sweet, sour and spice flavours and is best had with a bowl of rice.

Here is a recipe for mamida pandu pulusu.

Subbu's Kitchen

Tamil-style mango pachadi

This traditional relish from Tamil Nadu is part of festivals such as the Tamil New Year's Day. Food blogger Subbalakshmi writes that this pachadi incorporates six tastes: sweet (in the form of jaggery), salty (salt), bitter (neem flower), spice (red chilli), sour (raw mango) and astringent (turmeric), each conveying the different human emotions. Try this recipe for mango pachadi.

Sharmi's Passions

Thenga manga pattani sundal

This delicious and healthy snack from Chennai's Marina Beach, thenga manga pattani sundal is nothing but a chckpeas salad, cooked with raw mango and coconut, and tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chillies. Garnish the sundal with more grated mango for an additional burst of flavour.

Try this recipe for thenga manga pattani sundal.

Rak's Kitchen

Mango rasam

A common in the southern Indian states in summer, mango rasam is known by different names (appe hui, saaru or charu) in Tamil Nadhu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.The addition of green mangoes adds a tangy flavour to the regular rasam, but it can also be made with ripe mangoes to add a sweet note to the dish.

Here is a recipe for mango rasam.