12/04/2017 1:25 PM IST | Updated 12/04/2017 2:27 PM IST

Abhay Deol Is Valiantly Taking On Fellow Actors And Cosmetic Giants That Promote Fairness Creams

"You have to stop buying into the idea that a particular shade is better than others"

Abhay Deol/Facebook

Abhay Deol has always been an outspoken actor.

He is one of the very few actors who has spoken about gender-based stereotypes in Hindi movies and also about how some Bollywood films end up glorifying stalking as a legitimate means to 'win over' the girl.

Now, in the wake of comments made by BJP leader Tarun Vijay, (where he said that Indians aren't racist, as we are accepting of South Indians, who have dark skin), Deol put out out a series of bitingly sarcastic posts that question the role of fairness creams (and actors who endorse them) in perpetuating the idea that having fair skin is better than being, well, anything else.

Deol took on everybody, from John Abraham and Vidya Balan to Shahid Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan, all of whom have endorsed fairness creams at some point.

In an interview with HuffPost India, Kareena Kapoor Khan had even defended her decision of endorsing fairness creams, saying that the onus was on the consumer "who chose to buy it."

She could perhaps look at Deol's witty Facebook feed and change her mind:

Abhay Deol/Facebook
Abhay Deol/Facebook
Abhay Deol/Facebook

Ending his campaign with this priceless dig:

Abhay Deol/Facebook

Later on, the actor also shared a list of his other colleagues who have refused big money to sell fairness creams. Kangana Ranaut, Ranbir Kapoor, and Randeep Hooda are some of them.

Way to go, Deol!

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