Build Up Your Inner Resilience With These Tips

Get tougher on the inside

We're familiar with the incredibly insightful saying: 'Some days, you're the pigeon, and some days, you're the statue'. All of us have had days when nothing's going right, when the stress is building up and things look too bleak for words. We can respond to such situations in two ways: we can either play safe and avoid risks, or build up our inner mental and emotional strength to deal with the next setback better.

While the first approach can make life somewhat easier (though not always), the latter is more important. It is a trait that aggressive, ambitious and result-driven people consciously cultivate. Resilience, or mental and emotional toughness, is what enables us to bounce back from stressful situations such as personal loss, financial problems, a broken relationship, illness, etc. It also enables you to stay on track and lead a life with purpose.

Here are some tips to build up your inner resilience and emerge stronger from adversity.

1. Take some time off — When confronted with a major setback, don't feel pressured to react immediately. Take some time to let the situation sink in, even if that means removing yourself from the scene temporarily. An instinctive or emotional reaction to a stressful event might be something you'll come to regret later.

2. Seek clarity – A problem that at first glance might seem insurmountable, might not be that bad once you have more information about it. Understanding why something happened is the first step towards finding a solution for it. Getting clarity can also help you separate the perceived state of things, from the actual facts.

3. Make a commitment towards yourself – Whether it is a personal loss, business setback, illness, or any other challenge, make a commitment to look after your well-being at all times. Take a vow never to let go of your values, your health and your mental strength. Stand up for your right to be happy and live your life the way you want.

4. Learn from the experience – Very often, setbacks can teach us valuable lessons. They can point towards corrective action that we need to take—for example, picking up a new skill, channeling our efforts in a different direction, or avoiding unhealthy and unsafe choices. Make a note of the factors that led to the setback, and how you can watch out for them the next time.

5. Create a plan of action – The things worth achieving in life can rarely be achieved overnight. If you have a worthy goal, a few obstacles shouldn't stop you from achieving them. Create a plan of action that helps you take small steps towards achieving your goal.

6. Don't lose your sense of humour – Mark Twain said "...against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand". The surest way of becoming resilient is by learning to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation, and at how seriously we take ourselves. Resilient people find humour in challenges, simply because they don't let adversity define them, their abilities or their life goals. They simply don't give it that kind of importance.

7. Create a daily self-recharge routine – People with high-stress lifestyles need to have a daily self-recharge routine. This could be anything that eases tension, brings about inner calm, and replenishes your energy and enthusiasm levels. Some people recharge themselves by spending time with their loved ones, others by doing charity work, meditating, or going on a long drive. Find what works for you and stick to it.

Life is never easy, especially for those who aspire to achieve extraordinary things and aren't afraid to challenge entrenched mindsets to get what they want. Fuelled by resilience and conviction, such individuals power through adversity with their eyes firmly on the road ahead. In life's decisive moments, the Ciaz, with its best-in-class comfort, gives you the space and time you need to re-energise yourself and take on the world once again.