09/04/2017 9:58 AM IST | Updated 09/04/2017 10:12 AM IST

Aadhaar Number Or Passport To Be Made Mandatory To Fly Domestic: Report

The government is preparing a non-fly list with four levels of offenses.

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Passengers will need either a passport or an Aadhaar number to fly within the country, The Times of Indiareported today.

The Civil Aviation Ministry could put a draft of this requirement into the public domain for suggestions and comments as early as next week.

The newspaper further reported that the government is making either of these two pieces of identification mandatory in order to prepare a non-fly list with four levels of offenses. The category of offense would determine for how long a passenger could be grounded.

While the government has been working on a no-fly list since last year, recent events involving Shiv Sena lawmaker Ravindra Gaikwad have expedited these efforts. A passport or an Aadhaar number for taking domestic flights could be mandatory by June or July.

TOI quoted a "highly placed source" as saying, "To implement this, we need a foolproof way of identifying passengers. This could be done by asking people to give either Aadhaar or passport number at the time of booking flights. One of these two will be chosen."

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