07/04/2017 4:15 PM IST | Updated 08/04/2017 2:24 PM IST

SeenIt Wants To Be The Quora Of Fashion In India

The platform has over 500,000 monthly visits on its website and app.


A country as large as India is, quite understandably, home to diverse fashion tastes. Then, there is also the universal craze for wearing outfits worn by movie stars and TV celebrities. The founders of SeenIt, an online clothing retail startup, seem to have kept both these facts in mind when setting up their business.

SeenIt is trying to solve people's craving for the latest in fashion and style by creating a crowd-sourced clothing platform like Quora. People can post a photo on the platform, also available as a mobile app, and ask if a similar article of clothing is available anywhere. The online community can pitch in with answers or suggestions. They can post links in response and others can vote it up or down.

The SeenIt community comprises retailers, enthusiasts, and 'influencers' (individuals who are influential in the field of fashion). Once someone uploads a query, relevant people are notified. The site admin moderates the exchange to filter out spam and ensure better results.

Ankita Sancheti, Saksham Karwal, and Vedanta Kumar launched SeenIt in 2015. The idea for the platform sprang from a casual conversation among them.

"Vedanta and I were watching a James Bond movie when he suddenly asked me, 'Hey, where can I get the sunglasses Daniel Craig is wearing?'" Karwal told HuffPost India."I gave him the most obvious response anyone could, 'Google it!' He got a million results but soon realised that none of the results actually led him to the product he wanted to buy. He ended up browsing random blogs in the UK or retailers in the US who didn't have the product in stock. What a glorious waste of time!"


Karwal said that SeenIt hosts over 500,000 active visitors per month. The traffic is mainly from metros such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, and Pune. Every week, users ask almost 5,000 questions and style polls get 200,000 votes.

One of the site's unique offerings is 'Shop By Videos'. SeenIt identifies pieces of clothing similar to what people onscreen are wearing in a particular video, and provides links to online shopping websites offering similar outfits.

The company recently raised pre-Series A funding.

"We are now working on new revenue streams including personalised ads and transactions on the platform," Karwal said. "We have already collaborated with some of the top brands in the country including Nike, Puma, Koovs, The Label Life and Flyrobe and wish to open up the platform to many more brands as we move forward."

SeenIt is also working with fashion 'influencers' across the world to showcase exclusive content. It does have a competitor, RoPoSo, which is the biggest fashion startup in India.