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Why School Teachers In Uttar Pradesh Are Taking Selfies Everyday

Narcissism? Nope.

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This is happening in 140 government-run primary and upper primary schools.

In many schools across Uttar Pradesh, teachers don't greet the students as soon as they enter the premises. Instead, they click a selfie.

This is happening in 140 government-run primary and upper primary schools, reports Hindustan Times.

Have the selfie bug bitten them too much? Or, is it an inspiration from Prime Minister Narendra Modi? Neither. Turns out that they are forced to selfies.

In February, the district administration launched "attendance-with-selfie" drive. The campaign was initiated to ensure teachers reach schools on time. And it seems like the disciplinary measure is working.

Every day, the teachers are suppose to take a selfie with students and the day's newspaper. They then share it on a WhatsApp group called attendance with selfie.

The schools were reportedly facing a lot of complaints after a drastic fall in teachers' attendance.

"Many teachers were causal about attending schools in remote areas. Some teachers posted in far-flung parts did not bother to take classes," social activist Navin Krishna Rai told HT. A survey conducted by him showed the dismal state of education in the state.

With this initiative, it's not possible for teachers to lie.

Last year, in Maharashtra, teachers were asked to take a photographic attendance with the students on the first two Mondays of a month. The move was to keep a check on the rising number of dropouts from state-run schools. However, teachers in the state weren't too happy with it. They said that the work added to their already overloaded non-academic jobs. They also said that the non-availability of smartphones and weak internet connectivity in many parts of the state will pose problems.

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