04/04/2017 5:13 PM IST | Updated 04/04/2017 5:40 PM IST

Style Up Your Android Phone With These Apps

Icon packs, themes, wallpapers and much else.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Android is the fashion equivalent of 'wear what you want.' You can customise your phone in numerous ways, from revamping your home screen to changing small details such as status-bar icons. Here are some apps that will help you style your phone up.

1. Google customisation tool

Who better than Google to suggest how to style your phone up? The tech giant has made a website called Android my taste test. There, you would have to answer a bunch of either-or questions, such as monochromatic or multicolour, light or dark, and cool or warm. Based on your preferences, the app will suggest a launcher, an icon pack, a wallpaper, a keyboard and a theme to go with your phone.

2. Cornerfly

One of the stunning things about the recently launched Galaxy S8 phone is its screen with rounded corners. They make the user interface look beautiful. If you have a phone with a square display, Cornerfly will convert it into a round-corner one.


In the basic version, you don't get to choose the amount of curvature but you can certainly choose the colours of the edges. In addition, the user can turn off the round-corner effect for particular corners as well.

3. Always On

For years, Motorola phones have had a feature called 'Always on display,' which shows you tidbits of information without waking the phone up. This app helps you get the same feature on your phone, if you have an AMOLED screen. It turns on the individual pixels to display information such as time, the number of messages, notification and more.

Always On AMOLED

The app is fully customisable and it even automatically locks your phone when you put it in your pocket. One cool feature is that it lets you wake up the phone from sleep by just raising it.

4. Uttam

This is a simplistic wallpaper app made in India for Android phones. It refreshes the wallpaper on your screen every day with a fresh photograph. Users can change the frequency of change and control the storage as well.

5. Nova Launcher

One of the best launchers out there for customisation across the Android ecosystem, this useful app features everything from app drawer to icon packs and themes. The Nova Launcher has tons of tweaks, including labeling folders, backing up the set for another Android phone and more. It has a specialised widget dock as well to get the most important information in a sniff.