03/04/2017 3:46 PM IST | Updated 03/04/2017 5:19 PM IST

Some Quickfire Android Games To Keep Those Monday Blues Away


Imgorthand via Getty Images

It is Monday, you are back in office, and such is life. Should the urge to take a quick break, a breather, to switch off, or to bite you boss' head off come over you, here are some quickfire Android games that you can play in short bursts. Its a good mix of relaxing puzzle games, infinite runners, and arcade fighting games. So just relax, and enjoy!

1. Infinity Loop

The objective of this stress busting puzzle game is to create closed loops by rotating objects on the screen by tapping on them. As the levels grow, the difficulty of the loops increases. The game's user interface is minimalistic and there is a soothing accompanying background track.

You can play the game in a different mode where you have to deconstruct a puzzle and separate each of the pieces. An iOS version the game is available as well.

2. Chameleon Run

If you like temple run, you're going to love this. Although Chameleon Run is not an infinite runner, it is fast and engaging. The animations are amazing and, unlike many arcade games, the sound is not annoying. As a player, you have to run on a course that has two colours, yellow and purple. You have to switch the colours to match the territory you're running on.

You can also perform multiple types of jumps to reach the end. In due course, you have to complete different challenges such as collecting all the marbles, collecting all the crystals and not changing the colour until the end. The game costs 140 but right now it is free as part of an offer.

3. Missiles

This is an engaging arcade game that you'd love to play in the office elevator or even during a two-minute break. In the narrative, you have to control an airplane making it twist and turn to save it from incoming missiles. The longer you survive the more points you earn. In addition, you can earn points by collecting stars or making two missiles collide.


To help the plane survive longer, you can get defensive boosts such as a shield or a speed injection. There are two modes — normal and fast. As the game progresses, you earn more points for collecting stars, making missiles collide and surviving every second.

4. Alto's Adventure

This game is brought to you by Noodlecake Studios of Chameleon Run fame. Compared to Chameleon Run, this is a more relaxing game with beautiful visuals. The player has to skate through the course while completing different tasks to unlock new quests and levels. You can unlock new snowboards and learn new skills along the way. If you have an Apple TV, download this app to enjoy it on a bigger screen.

5. Heart Star

This adorable little puzzle game might remind you of Chameleon Run's similar switching theme. But the premise is different here. In this 8-bit game, you have two characters to play with, Star and Heart. They can each walk on their respective surfaces along with a neutral one. The aim of the game is to make them meet on a special platform. The controls are fairly simple and straightforward.

6. Six!

This is the classic puzzle game in a new avatar. The objective is clear — you need to stop a hexagon from falling off of the top of a tower made of stacked bricks.

You also need to gather points by removing the bricks. The trick is to remove the bricks in a manner that the hexagon doesn't topple off.