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The Wine Company Releases Brawl CCTV Footage, Says Drunk Customers Threatened Staff

The Wine Company and the three customers are accusing each other of violence.

The Wine Company / Facebook | Rijul Goyal / Facebook

An NRI visiting from the UK and two of his friends accused bouncers at a pub in Gurugram of thrashing and injuring them. Rijul Goyal, a friend of the victims, narrated the incident, which took place on Monday, in a Facebook post.

According to Goyal's post, Ishant Agarwal, Siddharth Choudhary, and their NRI friend Rahul Lakshman decided to spend the evening at The Wine Company at DLF Cyber Hub in Gurugram.

On being presented the bill for the evening, they found some errors in it, which was resolved after discussions with the manager. However, even as they were leaving, they ended up in a massive brawl after "8-10 highly aggressive, seemingly uneducated and brutish bouncers, decide to take matters into their own hands, and viciously jumped them."

According to Goyal's detailed post, the fight lasted for over 15 minutes. "Waiters also joined the assault for what can only be described as their own amusement," he wrote.

He accused the pub staff of deliberate assault. "In a calculated move one of the bouncers picked up the sharp broken shards of glass from the bottle and attacked my friend leaving him with a Life Threatening deep cut on his neck. �Seeing the blood and fearing the CCTV footage, the barbaric group then dragged them on the floor outside the restaurant premises into the DLF CyberHub's promenade, to what seemed like a blind-spot in the CCTV surveillance," Goyal wrote.

Here's the complete post with photos:

A report on the incident in the Times Of India says that at around 1.30 am, when the bartender asked customers to leave, Lakshman, Agarwal, and Choudhary insisted on having some more drinks. When the pub manager objected as they were closing for the day, the trio allegedly pushed him and refused to foot the bill.

An FIR has been registered against the unidentified bouncers of The Wine Company at the DLF-II police station.

"We were at the bar and arguments broke out between us and the bar manager over the bill. We were trying to resolve the issue, but suddenly the bouncers attacked us. They even beat us with baseball bats, which left me with a broken tooth. Ishant sustained a cut on his neck," the TOI quoted Lakshman as saying.

On Thursday, The Wine Company released the CCTV footage of the incident on its official Facebook page and described its version of the incident in a post.

"We would like to state that we do not accept violence as a solution to any conflict. As front runners in the service industry we did not wish to vilify guests at our restaurant," the post said.

The Wine Company claimed that they had "thoroughly investigated the matter and examined all CCTV footage in the restaurant and directly outside the outlet."

Their post says that at 12:50 am Lakshman asked the staff for more alcohol but the staff refused, informing the group that as the licensing hours had drawn to a close, the restaurant was shutting for the evening. This angered the trio.

"The customers began misbehaving with our staff, continuing to request for service of alcohol. Our wine sommelier, who started reasoning with them, was then abused verbally, pushed across the restaurant and struck repeatedly without provocation," the post said.

This is when the pub's bouncers had to jump in.

"At this point, the two bouncers, intervened to escort the guests out of the restaurant. As the three were extremely drunk and unruly, the two bouncers were helped by other staff, while the guests continued to fight with the staff and shout verbal abuses."

The Wine Company's post also claims that the three kept proclaiming that they were "extremely well connected, had VIP friends and would 'destroy' the restaurant within hours."

The post accuses them of fighting with passersby too.

"Once outside the premises of the restaurant, the three picked fights with passer-by's and were injured in the subsequent scuffle."

The pub claims the manager called the police as soon as the guests were out of the restaurant and filed a complaint against the guests.

"CCTV footage, inside the restaurant and outside, clearly bears out the fact that the customers physically assaulted our staff and in their drunken stupor picked up a brawl outside the restaurant premises with passerbys."

The Wine Company says in its post that it will take stringent action, including dismissal from service, if any staff member is found culpable.

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