31/03/2017 1:17 PM IST | Updated 31/03/2017 1:26 PM IST

'Aap Suicide Mat Kijiye' Sushma Swaraj Responds To Distressed Woman On Twitter, Offers Help

"Do I have to commit suicide to get your attention," the woman had tweeted at Swaraj.

Adnan Abidi / Reuters

Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj is known to lend a helping hand to whoever approaches her on Twitter. From passport and visa issues to faulty refrigerators, Swaraj seemed to have seen it all till Thursday, when a woman threatened to commit suicide in the hope of getting her message across.

Jyoti S Pande had tweeted to Swaraj many times, but when she didn't get a response, the distraught woman asked her if she would have to commit suicide to get her attention.

Swaraj, seemingly sensing the desperation of the woman replied to her offering help:

The woman then explained to Swaraj that her husband was a citizen of New Zealand, but she couldn't be with him because her visa had been rejected thrice:

Swaraj asked her for the copy of her visa application and promised action.

Pande then explained to Swaraj that she hadn't been able to visit her in-laws or her husband because of the visa issue and that her father-in-law had passed away. She said that her husband had visited her twice after their wedding, which had happened more than a year ago, but he couldn't visit her too many times because he couldn't take leave from work.

During this conversation, Pande also thanked Swaraj for replying to her.

Swaraj, who has many times gone out her way to help people in distress received a lot of praise on on Twitter.

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