30/03/2017 12:10 PM IST | Updated 30/03/2017 3:03 PM IST

Aligarh Muslim University Students Write To VC After Meat Goes Off Their Hostel Menu

"We're being forced to eat vegetables."

The India Today Group via Getty Images
View of the Aligarh Muslim University Campus in Uttar Pradesh, India.

The crackdown on illegal slaughterhouses in Uttar Pradesh by the Yogi Adityanath government has had its after-effects. The beef kababs have vanished from Lucknow's legendary Tunday Kababi, and lions at the Kanpur zoo have politely refused to touch the chicken they were offered instead of their daily buffalo meat. Now students of the Aligarh Muslim University have joined the rising chorus against the unavailability of meat at their hostels.

The 500 kg of buffalo meat, supplied to the 19 dining halls of the AMU hostel messes, has been replaced by something that is "completely unacceptable" to the students — vegetables. AMUSU president Faizul Hassan was quoted as saying by the Times of India: "We are forced to eat vegetables."

The students have written to Vice-Chancellor Zameer Uddin Shah, and the university's media consultant, Dr Jasim Mohammad, has told the paper that a meeting has been scheduled today to discuss the issue.

Suddenly deprived of their main source of livelihood, after Adityanath ordered a crackdown on abattoirs soon after coming to power, meat sellers across Uttar Pradesh have gone on an indefinite strike causing losses to the Rs 15,000-crore industry that employs over 25 lakh people. The government had assured that the licensed slaughterhouses would not be touched. However meat sellers have accused the government of even targeting the legal abattoirs in its enthusiastic campaign against the unlicensed ones.