29/03/2017 6:51 PM IST | Updated 30/03/2017 11:19 AM IST

20 Brutal Jokes That Show Just How Much Twitter Hated Our Aurangzeb Piece

"#YoAurangzebSoNoble, he didn't believe in nepotism."

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On Tuesday, HuffPost India reviewed historian Audrey Truschke's biography of Aurangzeb, which argues that the Mughal emperor's reputation as a tyrant and bigot is only a partial truth fostered by the right-wingers.

The article, Why Aurangzeb's Reputation As A Tyrant And Bigot Doesn't Stand The Test Of History, has since occasioned much trolling and a meme-storm among a section of the Indian Twitterati.

The review countered several allegations against the ruler, including the accusation of fratricide against him, by drawing attention to the social and political context of his time.

"Aurangzeb merely acted in line with the hallowed Mughal tradition of in-fighting, where brother didn't hesitate killing brother in battles of succession, to come to power. In his case, he drove away one of his brothers from the empire, killed the other two, and kept his aged father, Shah Jahan, in house arrest," it said. "Had Aurangzeb not secured the kingdom for himself by such violent means, he'd have lost face among his contemporaries and most probably his life in the hands of one of his brothers."

The piece didn't go down well with a section of the Indian Twitterati. Soon #YoAurangzebSoNoble was trending on the platform.










Twitter went one step ahead and trended the hashtag #YoAurangzebSoNoble and launching tons of memes and jokes.












While some joined the bandwagon without even reading up the article.